Sufficient shut eye is an often overlooked yet critical component of personal well-being. Replenishing the body with plenty of rest plays an imperative part in physical, mental and spiritual health. But how? Keep reading to gain insight as to why optimizing your sleep can completely change your health.

Our bodies endure a lot of stress each day. From work to play, exercise to eating, there is a lot we do in life that can wear us down, even if we don’t realize it. While getting the most out of each 24-hour cycle is something to strive for, without time to unwind and undo the stress, we may see signs of wear and tear that can take a long time to recover from. That is why when we allow ourselves to hit the sack and restore our “tank,” so to speak, we give ourselves the ability to let our bodies take some much-needed time off from the daily grind and get back to our go-getting when morning comes. Ever notice how you’re much more productive and motivated in the mornings?

In order to make your sleep cycle most effective, be sure to get about seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Put your electronic devices away (social media can wait!) and make the room dark and cool. Empty your mind of the next day’s list of to-dos (preferably by writing them down) and breathe consciously and calmly as you shut your eyes.

Pro tip: Your body and mind thrive on routine. Try to go to bed at around the same time each night to allow your body to adapt to a familiar rhythm and induce deeper, more restorative sleep.

As you maintain this level of sleep each night, you will notice a newfound level of energy that allows you to tackle any task that comes your way. Your “brain fog” will fade, and those aches and pains will be a thing of the past. And with adequate sleep each night, you may just find that you are no longer slapping that snooze button when the sun comes up.

Sweet dreams!