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Here are some of the questions Bre frequently gets asked about her fitness and her responses.

What is your daily motivation?

My daily motivation comes from how working out makes me feel, and of course the results!! Releasing endorphins, after every workout and sometimes even mid workout gives me that rush that I honestly think I am addicted to! I am also highly competitive, so I must not only be the best and try my best, but I could never quit.

That would mean I folded, and I can’t have that! I believe in speaking things into existence and visualizing what I want. I think this is a big thing people overlook. If you continuously say, “I can’t do this. I can’t breathe. I’m fat, etc.” Then you are programming your mind to believe that. So if I’m having a hard day or hit a wall I remind myself why I started to begin with, and visualize what I want to look like, as well as remind myself that I can and I will succeed.

Then I ask myself, “Will I regret skipping my workout?” “I’m already here, so why not give it 100%?” If you can, find something that you love, ideally you will never need to consciously motivate yourself. Your body will show the benefits without extra effort.

I can and I will. I will commit to work hard to obtain what I desire.

What is your diet?

I have been asked this question as long as I can remember. Before I begin I want to warn you that there is no magical secret I have been withholding from you! Over the years I have spent time really researching and understanding what the body needs. I consume minimal carbs, I stay away from sweets/desserts and try to apply things that jumpstart your metabolism.

Pretty much anything that can give my body that extra help to work smarter not harder! In the past year I have implemented the vegan diet, from which I have noticed significant changes in my skin, bloating, and over all energy levels. I have fallen completely in love with the vegan diet.

There is no way I could possibly tell you my entire diet, so I have created some ebooks, as well as bi-weekly videos on how to shop healthy, how to meal prep, to prepare vegan/non vegan recipes, holiday favorites, as well as a full protein athlete diet. Just say, “No!” to the bread with dinner, and pass on dessert, ladies! Making conscious choices to eat well comes with some knowledge on what your body processes as fuel and as waste! Stay tuned: I have so much to share!

Is weight training going to make me look manly?

Any woman who lifts weight will be the first to tell you that it is a myth that lifting weights will make you “bulky.” Women who lift weight would actually say that it gives you curves in all the right places.

Women tend to think that picking up weights during a workout will make their delicate female bodies resemble that of a bodybuilder. Think again. Female bodies naturally contain more fat (for childbearing).

The upside is that building muscle will help you burn fat faster and get the toned body that makes you look and feel younger. No matter how much weight training you do, women will ultimately have less muscle mass and about 30% less strength than males.

As for the bodybuilding effect, forget about it! You’d have to work day and night and take mammoth amounts of various supplements to even begin to look like the bodybuilding women in the magazines and pictures that intimidate you.

One of my pet peeves is people who say, “Weightlifting isn’t feminine!” or “Careful, you don’t want to be bulky!” or “Weights are for men!” They are misinformed.

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