If you’ve decided to start 2019 off with fitness as a top priority, working out is a no-brainer. But it can be overwhelming deciding how to begin; you may procrastinate or not begin at all. Fear no more. Here’s how you can get the ball rolling and take a step to a better version of you.

An important first step is to figure out what will get you excited to exercise. The best exercise is exercise you enjoy. If you dread doing it, you will always find excuses that validate pushing the activity to the side. So, give yourself a few exercise options. Start with something you can’t wait to try.

When I started my fitness journey I joined a club that had a variety of classes, and that was how I discovered my love for pilates, yoga, spin and even boxing! In doing it this way you also save a lot of money considering usually a specialty workout can run $150.00 a month and they only offer that certain speciality. For example, Soul Cycle is a $150.00 membership and they only offer spin classes. Not everyone enjoys every form of exercise like I do! But at least using this route you should be able to discover and pick something you enjoy doing and make that your workout of choice.

If you want the time to fly by, try your hand at yoga, a spin or dance class, or even a sport. These activities require you to be more proactive as you switch moves and change speeds, meaning you’ll get into the “zone” and forget you’re even exercising!

You may need some initial instruction or assistance in the beginning. You can visit my youtube channel and instagram for exercise videos, as well as joining a gym with fitness classes.  Or, if you need a little more accountability, invest in a fitness trainer at your local gym. Since you are new to working out, start off slowly so you ease into it without being overwhelmed. Too much too soon may cause you to injure yourself or set unrealistic, unsustainable goals which could lead to discouragement or another excuse to not commit.

One way to start is by formulating a plan you can follow until things become second nature. If you’ve read my blog post about sleep, you’ll know that your body thrives in a routine. Create a calendar of workout days and routines to follow and mark down your achievements so you always stay motivated.

If you don’t have access to a gym or are frankly intimidated, let’s start slow! Start by taking your dogs on a walk. If you don’t have dogs just go for a walk! Now let’s set a goal. Commit to doing a morning or nightly walk 3-5 days a week. I suggest 5 days to get you into that routine we keep talking about! Once we have commited to this, let’s step it up a notch and incorporate some in home workouts. These workouts do not require any equipment except bands and your own body weight! If you are unfamiliar with bands, head to my youtube page, and you can do the workouts along with me!

If most of your free time is in the morning, you know what to do – get your workout in right away! If you only have time during your lunch break or before dinner, fit a workout in there. Make it simple for yourself! If you miss a workout, just get back on track the next day. Don’t talk yourself down. Remember, nobody is perfect. But if you have a plan, you’re already ahead of most and you’ll be motivated by your road map. After a while, you’ll have a routine in motion that you won’t even think about skipping out on!

If you are hesitant to go at it solo, find a fitness-minded friend for accountability. Working out as a team is a great way to start, and celebrating success together is always better than a solo celebration!  Another benefit I found to having a friend to hold me accountable is they also were there for the struggle. We sweated, struggled, and cried together, but even better, we laughed together.  In moments I really didn’t want to keep going I looked to my buddy and she pushed and vice versa.

Motivated to get started yet? Touch the pen to the paper, write out your plan, get your accountability partner, and get out there! There’s no time like the present, so get moving today!
Commit and never quit!