Staying fit and healthy is a lifelong necessity. When you’re committed to caring for your body, the rewards will come not only now, but for years down the road. Not sure if you can do it for the long haul? Well, I know you can! Here’s how!

You owe it to yourself to always be feeling and performing at your very best. Part of caring for our body, mind, and soul is keeping active, staying strong, and making health a top priority. Exercising not only keeps us in shape physically, but also invigorates us with energy to tackle family life, career, and even feeling motivated enough to make plans with friends. When you have energy to do all that, your family, professional and social lives thrive! You thrive!

Motivation is the key to maintaining a regular exercise routine. Pep yourself up for progress and you will see results that will keep you from ever falling into a rut. You are your biggest cheerleader, so pump yourself up with inspirational mantras and the self-assurance that you can achieve anything you set your mind to…because you can!

I believe so strongly in speaking things into existence and visualizing what I want! For example, I want to be in the best shape of my life I visualize my version of that from head to toe! Every time I want to quit I visualize the best shape of my life (that perfect flat tummy, that nice round bootay and small waist giving that hourglass look). Girls, you all know what I’m talking about! And that reminder helps me finish!

Get your daily dose of inspiration by listening to motivating podcasts (this has truly helped me stay centered and present), educating yourself on how exercise is proven to increase longevity and  overall happiness, and sharing what you’re learning with other people. Remember, you become what you constantly flood your mind with! If you chase after health in every aspect of your life, there’s no way you’ll lose sight of your goals. 

A key to staying motivated is making sure to switch things up when your regular routine has run its course. If you always run or jog, and you begin to become bored, try a swim class or a bike ride. If weight lifting is your go-to workout, consider swapping in hiking or speed walking occasionally. Variety is the spice of life! It will help you remain engaged and interested in working out rather than feeling like a hamster on a wheel.

I tend to constantly apply this. Since I do love a lot of diverse workouts I will switch it up. One week I will do yoga and boxing the next heavy weight training with pilates. Some times I am feeling sore, over worked or frankly just lazy, and on those days I always listen to my body, but still commit to exercising. I try to hike or get some girlfriends together to catch up while we hike! This way I keep my mind distracted from the exercise and I get some good girl time while sticking to my commitment!

So, are you ready to set some goals and commit and never quit? Good, because that’s when you truly commit. Whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, or overall health, set a priority and work ‘till you win. And remember, achievement takes time and patience, so put in the effort. This is a long term investment.

Fitness is a future you are ready to face. Commit and never quit!